Sunday, September 7, 2008


Just a reminder of what we can do for your website. For a decade we have provided very specialised news feeds for a number of medical and health websites. When you sign up you deal directly with the editorial team and we can discuss exactly what kind of news and what frequency you want.

We can also support much broader newsfeeds, as with our collaboration with Although the web may seem to offer dozens of free health newsfeeds most originate with two or free major providers. Ours our distinctive, written knowing who are customers are. We've always been keen on sourcing and encouraged by the medical community we can provide quite detailed sources for material. This is important on the web and most major news organisations don't do this. Sometimes you can read a report and it's quite difficult to identify the quality of the research you are reading about.

Topics we have covered over the years include hepatitis C, haematology, allergy, oncology, technology, psychiatry, gastroenterology.

If you want to chat about this get in touch through newsroom (at)

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