Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools?

So far no sign of a good medical April Fool today. Perhaps everyone has learnt their lessons.

Reading the daily welter of health and medical headlines, you can of course never be sure.

Doctors may be feeling their pay rise announcement is a joke - but strictly speaking that was announced yesterday.  Both our lead stories - an allergenic substance in shampoo and a new treatment for MRSA - were announced yesterday so they also are safe.

There's a welter of announcements from the UK Department of Health to mark the new financial year. I think they are meant to be serious although most wise people are avoiding making announcements today.

The BMJ has published a deadly serious story today - no chance of it being a spoof - and I happen to know that the lead author Chris Ham is a real person.

Aah, now here's a possible spoof on the Beeb: donkey milk and nine other ways to live to 100. The tips include fried egg and sausage sandwich. They've covered themselves by quoting from apparently real centenarians - so no evidence that these diets will help the ordinary Joe Bloggs.

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