Tuesday, October 27, 2009

That genetic cure for eye-sight

The remarkable story about how doctors have used genetic treatment to restore sight to children came with a great many resources.

This is a graphic that explains the treatment.

And here's another viewing of thevideo of the child demonstrating that he can now find his way round an obstacle course. The following text explains what is happening on the two videos, which were shot three months after treatment: Video 1 shows the child traversing the obstacle course with his left (injected) eye patched. He has difficulty seeing the course and it takes him a long time to complete the test. Video 2, captured within 10 minutes of Video 1, shows the same child traversing a reconfigured obstacle course with right (uninjected) eye patched, using his injected eye for navigation. He has no difficulty completing the test accurately.:

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  1. 2012 update on this story with fresh video: