Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tonight's story list - quick poll!

We've had a large number of announcements about all sorts of topics today.

So here's your chance to help us decide the priorities for our news feeds and writers. Use our poll on the left to tell us which you think are likely to be the most important. You can cast multiple votes but please don't vote for more than half a dozen.

Don't forget we've already reported some of the stories you may see as headlines today - such as the drug errors that endanger child patients, maternity crisis in Milton Keynes.

Some of the stories on our story-list are embargoed until midnight - so we can only publish scanty details.

The poll will end at midnight, today Tuesday, GMT.

1/ NHS Constitution comes into law
2/ Protection for vulnerable adults
3/ New organ donation drive in Scotland
4/ Government drive against health inequality
5/ Regulation of medical education and training
6/ Psychiatric drug collaboration launch
7/ Personalised care plans announced for cancer survivors

The following topics are likely to be the subject of embargoed press releases about new research findings:
8/ cervical cancer
9/ smoking
10/ pregnancy
11/ nursing practice
12/ heart diagnosis
13/ fall prevention
14/ Benefits of the apple

Some more stories breaking today:
15/ Fitness criteria for assisted reproduction treatment
16/ UK drive announced against alcohol abuse

Slots reserved for more breaking news today
17/ Embargoed story on GP issues
18/ Embargoed story on heart patient care
19/ Embargoed story on health funding

If you know of other news we should be looking at for our newsfeeds tomorrow, use the comment option.

* Poll now closed

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