Monday, September 10, 2012

European news expands

Networks in Health , for whom we provide news, continues to expand:

10th September 2012

News Release

 Networks in Health extends its international reach via new online physician community partners

Networks in Health - a unique international alliance of online physician networks - has expanded its geographical reach by partnering with three communities in Belgium, Russia and Turkey.

The three communities will add 114,000 new physicians to Networks in Health's existing membership which comprises approximately 1.2 million physicians worldwide.

The new partners for Networks in Health which was set up in 2011 by - the UK's largest and most active network of medical professionals - to enable doctors to collaborate internationally, are:

Belgium: Mediquality - this community has a membership of 37,000 health care professionals. Mediquality also provides on-line media for physicians in Luxemburg and the Netherlands, which operate as BeNeLux.

Russia: iVrach - there are 65,000 doctors signed up to this community in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. It is growing rapidly and has a particular focus on online education which has not been as accessible to doctors in these countries as it is in other parts of Europe.

Turkey: Doktorsitesi - this is Turkey's primary community with a membership of 12, 000 doctors and 1,200,000 patients. Established in 2004, the organisation is the primary community portal in Turkey and plans to launch a new portal offering more services and enhanced usability in the coming weeks.

Beverly Stainsby, International Account Director for Networks in Health, said: 'We are delighted to welcome these three communities to our network. They will enable us to expand our reach into other key nations.

'By providing a single access point to an international physician audience, the network answers a real need for pharma companies and other healthcare organisations that wish to research and engage with physicians internationally.'

Networks in Health, which started out with a selection of partners in Europe, before expanding to Latin America and Australia, also has close links with physician communities in the US and Asia.


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